Plan Your Way to Less Stress, More Happiness [May 2011]

A recent survey by psychologist and self-help author Robert Epstein found that 25% of our happiness hinges on how well we’re able to manage stress. The next logical question is, of course, how best can we reduce our stress?

Epstein’s data, which he presented last month at the Western Psychological Association meeting in Los Angeles, was intended to help answer that question. It involved 3,000 participants in the U.S. and 29 other countries, who responded to an online questionnaire. Read More


25 Minutes of This Will Get Rid of Your Stress [Jun 2014]

In just half an hour, by focusing on your breathing, you can start to relax and melt away your cares.

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University investigated how effective mindfulness meditation can be in countering the body’s stress response. For that type of meditation, you need a laser-like focus on your breathing, and, some advocates say that as your body fills up with air, your muscles contract. That helps you to push out other distractions — like deadlines or your to-do list — and start to relax. Read More


Stress Is Contagious In the Classroom [Jun 2016]

Teacher burnout is linked to higher levels of stress hormones in their students

In the report, published in the journal Social Science & Medicine, researchers assessed the burnout levels of 17 teachers of fourth through seventh grade. They also assessed levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their students—more than 400 of them—by taking saliva samples at three different times during the school day.

The researchers found that students had higher levels of cortisol if their teachers reported higher burnout levels.

Read More

Teachers make less than peers in almost any other Jobs [Nov 2015]

The image of teachers as underpaid and overworked, laboring in the trenches of an increasingly ramshackle public school system, has become a staple of American popular culture.

It turns out, it’s not just us. A new global study finds that elementary and pre-school teachers across 34 developed countries make about 22% less, on average, than their full-time counterparts with similar education levels who have chosen to do pretty much anything else with their lives.Read More


Teachers in Beijing Are Being Held Responsible for Overweight Pupils [Jul 2016]

Obesity rates in increasingly affluent China are beginning to rival those of the U.S.

Obesity rates in Beijing primary and secondary schools stood at 15.6% last year — up 5.6% from five years prior, according to the Beijing Center for Diseases Prevention and Control (BCDPC).

Following trial projects earlier this year, now “every teacher” across Beijing’s 16 districts is “responsible for obesity prevention and control,” says a statement from the BCDPC. Neither the scope of any potential intervention, nor the penalties for noncompliance, have been made clear. Read More