Mindfulness Stress Reduction for Teachers by Steve Waters

The Mindfulness Training Academy’s online Mindfulness Stress Reduction for Teachers (MSRT) course is designed by Steve Waters, a teacher who understands and has experienced the immense pressure that teachers face both inside and outside the classroom.

Steve taught for 30 years in three 11-18 schools, holding positions as Head of Drama, Head of English and Assistant Headteacher, with responsibility for Literacy across the Curriculum. His last school, where he spent 21 years, had a student population of nearly 2000 with 350 in the Sixth Form. He then spent 6 years as an educational consultant with a local authority, working with teachers in schools, before retiring in 2011 to launch a freelance career in education and training, during which he also became a Mindfulness practitioner.

The practice of Mindfulness has helped millions of people since it was promoted in the 1970’s and has recently gained prominence in the UK following a recommendation from the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) that Mindfulness should be recommended by GPs as a frontline treatment for depression.

The online Mindfulness Stress Reduction for Teachers course can be taken at your own pace. Although experience has shown that Mindfulness is most effective if practised daily, you are free to decide what is realistic for you, given your teaching workload and personal commitments at home. The bottom line is, as the supermarket slogan goes, ‘Every Little Helps’. Even a few minutes of Mindfulness practice is beneficial, as the course makes clear in Step 4, when it explains how a 3-minute breathing exercise in the middle of a busy day can help you to cope when it feels like demands are coming at you from all directions – from staff as well as students.

The course is divided into eight Steps:

  • Step 1: What is Mindfulness?
  • Step 2: Mindfulness Sitting Meditation: Body Scan
  • Step 3: Mindful Movement Meditation: Body Scan
  • Step 4: Catch Your Breath: Breathing to Focus on the Present
  • Step 5: Accepting How Things Are and Working with Difficulty
  • Step 6: Paying Attention: From Seeing to Looking
  • Step 7: Walk Your Mind
  • Step 8: Developing Your Mindfulness Practice: MBSR and MBCT

At the end of each step, there is a quiz which is self-marking. It is a way of checking out your own understanding of each step. The Learning Journal which accompanies the course is your own record of how your Mindfulness practice is going and how it is helping you to reduce the stress that, rewarding as it can be, the job of teaching brings. Again, you are free to write as much or as little as you find useful. If you don’t have time to write, make audio recordings using your mobile and save them to listen to later.

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The focus of the MSRT course is to build Mindfulness as a self-help tool. However, if you have benefited from the course and are interested in exploring Mindfulness further, you can easily convert the course into a Diploma in Mindfulness Stress Reduction for Teachers (Dip in MSRT) and go on to become an MSRT Coach, helping teachers face-to-face individually or in small groups, both online and in your own school.

Stephen (Steve) Waters