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Welcome to my Blog and thank you for visiting.  I am a teacher in a Primary School and first time blogger.  I teach upper Key Stage 2.  I have over 15 Years experience of Primary Education.  I am currently a member of the Senior Leadership Team with a TLR within the school. I am also the Ks2 Leader for Learning. I have been a Deputy Head teacher and an Acting Head teacher.

I started this Blog on 13/5/15 as I felt there was a need to support teachers who face daily challenges with stress.  Teachers like me that battle every day to try to meet deadlines; file reports; input data; analyse data; attend meetings, liaise with parents; plan lessons; organise resources;  assess children; extra curricular activities and of course try to teach!  You will also notice that I haven’t mentioned trying to  run a family of your own, look after your own children and trying to be there for your family!

Work life balance is something that is brandished around education and many head teachers (I know from experience) tell us that there should be a balance between the two, however sometimes as teachers we can lose track of this and find it difficult to organise ourselves to ensure we are competent, energised and motivated to do the very best for the children in our care within the classroom and our own children at home.  I have fallen victim to stress and know what it can be like to suffer its effects.  I write with first hand experience.  I did not seek help our guidance until it was too late and stress had taken a hold over me to the point I could not muster the energy to get out of bed and emotionally I was left in ruins.  This needn’t be the case for all those thousands of teachers and educators across the country that give their very best everyday give 100%, put on a smile and give their lives to the children they teach.

Lets look at some of the challenges we face, as well as some of the solutions.  Lets try to balance having a good old moan with why we do the things we do. What called us to be teachers in the first place? Do you remember why you wanted to be a teacher?

Education and certainly being an educator, whether it be Primary or Secondary, at the moment is challenging to say the least. I hope to shine the spot light on stress as well as provide some solutions to dealing with some of the issues we face as teachers.  Hopefully we can go on a journey together to become Stress Free Teachers!

You can follow the stress Free Teacher @stress_freeuk




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