Avoiding Teacher Burnout

Below is a list of articles from around the web regarding Teacher Burnout.  This list of articles has been compiled by SFT but written by talented writers and bloggers from around the world wide web.

Avoiding Teacher Burnout: 5 Strategies

EducationWorld is pleased to present this article by Christi Wilson, a credentialed teacher of highly gifted students in Northern Nevada. She has 11 years of classroom teaching experience, including K-12 education online, and writes for TeacherPortal.com.

With teaching often comes stress and burnout. Educators must fill several roles during the day including classroom instructor, record keeper, member of school committees and playground monitor. Teachers experience stress on a daily basis, and some studies indicate that they suffer from stress at a higher-than-average rate. Read More


10 Steps for avoiding Teacher Burnout – Edutopia

“Why did I want to be a teacher?” We all face burnout, sometimes on a daily basis, and in my case, especially after fourth period. Most of the time, we can pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and go back to the drawing board to try another strategy to find success with student learning. I have to admit that it is getting more and more difficult to make that transition back to a willingness to try again. I can’t help to think students are more difficult than they used to be a few years ago, and pressures from accountability are becoming more oppressive. And of course, the pay for teachers is inadequate. With all of this we may ask, is it worth it?

Rather than provide a list of things to avoid, I would like to take a more proactive stance by sharing things that will help diminish burnout feelings and help you answer, yep, it is worth it. Read More

25 Tips to Reduce Teacher Burnout! – Teach Thought

We teach for the pleasure of sharing a subject or skill that we love and hope to infuse a passion in someone else. We don’t teach for the pounding headaches or the late nights grading. We don’t teach because we like low pay and instability.

So, in the light of how teachers are treated, it’s only natural to see teachers burnout more quickly than in any other profession. That’s why we need to take steps to protect ourselves from the inevitable because it can be prevented and controlled. Follow these steps and keep yourself safe from the overkill, the stress, the demands, the inconsistencies, the long hours, the endless grind, and the disregard for competitive compensation. Read More


What is burnout? – British Council

All of us feel tired, even exhausted at times, but this is perfectly normal if you have a full schedule. Some of us may also have felt like calling in sick and staying in bed on a rainy Friday morning, just before a lesson with a challenging group. That’s also understandable. But when the sun is shining and you have a lesson with a motivated group of learners, but still feel unable to face the day, then you are probably on the way to burnout.

Professional burnout is not simply the result of being overworked and underpaid. It can be the result of prolonged stress, and emotional fatigue, feeling isolated and not respected. The condition affects job performance and it is contagious; it may even result in physical illness.

It is not a happy topic but one that we need to talk about if we are to fight it. Read More

Articles by Stress Free Teacher:

My Interview with @samschoolstuff by SFT

The Stress Free Teacher Book: Eat, Sleep, Teach, Repeat? By SFT

Don’t worry about your pupils achievements worry about your staff! If you look after your staff your staff will take care of the pupils’ achievements!



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