How can Yoga help with managing stress for teachers? By Stress Free Teacher


Yoga will make you better at whatever you set your heart at achieving; whether that is becoming better at a sport, giving yourself more time to relax, becoming more focused or just accepting who you are. We know that sounds like a grand statement but it really is true.

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“It’s safe to say that everyone is going to experience stress frequently throughout their lives and unfortunately, a portion of the population will also experience anxiety. Notice I use the word “experience” and not “suffer” here! That’s because I sincerely believe no one has to suffer with stress or anxiety when there are a multitude of tools one can use to manage both.

The good news there are holistic ways to cope with anxiety. We have to begin with relaxing the body. What’s happening when the body becomes super tense, is that the pelvic floor muscles put pressure on the Vagus nerve, which is the a major nerve that runs along our spine that activates the parasympathetic nervous system (our relaxed state). At the same time this is happening, the neo-cortex – the part of the brain responsible for concentration and problem-solving – is being flooded with cortisol, which disrupts it’s proper functioning. That’s why we have so much trouble thinking clearly when we’re anxious. So we begin with relaxing the body – specifically the pelvic floor muscles – in order to eliminate or at least reduce the anxiety. When you relax the body, the Vagus nerve will activate the parasympathetic nervous system and at the same time, the executive functioning part of the brain comes back online. Once this happens, you should be able to carry on with your day.” View full article here

Source: Here are some of the measurable benefits you can achieve through yoga practise:


You may never be able to touch your toes but practising yoga will increase your flexibility and range of motion. It will also relieve muscle tension. Stretching can help your body process lactate acid after a workout and can improve muscle oxygenation. On a cellular level, it will also elongate muscle fibres allowing greater contraction during sporting activities.


Where balance is concerned, you ‘use it or lose it’. Once we pass the age of 40 our ability to balance rapidly decreases because we no longer use it in everyday life. This can be a danger as we enter old age. Yoga will maintain a healthy ability to balance and keep light on your feet!


Don’t be fooled into thinking yoga is just about stretching! It is about the perfect balance between strength and flexibility – the yin and yang. Through static poses and/or dynamic flowing movements, the practitioner builds whole body strength – not least core strength which is essential to maintaining a healthy body.

Mental Focus/Concentration

Yoga (especially hot yoga!) teaches you to be in an intense situation and to manage the situation through coping strategies and breath control. This is valuable in any aspect of life where you are required to work or deliver under pressure.

Injury Recovery/Prevention

Injuries are often caused through overuse, e.g. through repetitive strain either due to sport or in the workplace. A well-rounded yoga practise can help to counter-balance these repetitive movements and address imbalance. Tight muscles are also more prone to acute injury through muscles tears and strains. Stretching can reduce the chance of injury as well as helping the body feel much better!


Stress Relief

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Who doesn’t want to slow down and get some stress relief? Yoga teaches you how to relax and gain some perspective on the world around you. 

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Yoga teaches awareness of the breath as well as how to deepen and control breathing at times of anxiety and stress. This can reduce performance anxiety and improve concentration.

Check out more benefits with


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