SASS and PAP – A Guide to peer and Self Assessment by Stress Free Teacher

Have you used SASS and PAP before?  The likelihood is that you’re doing it or have touched upon in it in your schools under another name.  What is SAS and PAP.  See below for abbreviations!

SASS – Self Assessment Sentence Starters  

PAP – Peer assessment Prompts

You may have read Stress Free Teacher’s Previous AfL article ‘Purple Pen of Progress’ whereby pupils respond to their work using a purple pen.  Here I give you a guide to using the purple pen of progress using SAS and PAP.

Self Assessment Sentence Starters

Self Assessment Starters are used at the end of a piece of work or during scheduled ‘Fix it time’ where children respond to next step marking comments or closing the gap comments.  Children use the sentence starters to comment on their work after redaing the teachers feedback.  In our school the SAS are written in purple pen – using the purple pen of progress initiative.  The following sentence starters are used by pupils to comment on their work.

  • I now understand that……
  • My aim for next session will be….
  • At the start of the lesson I didn’t know….
  • One thing I know now that I didn’t know at the start of the lesson is….
  • An important question to ask is….
  • I need to improve on my…..
  • I can now explain to someone else that….
  • The term ____ was used today it means……
  • In order to improve my work next time I could…..
  • The thing I liked most about today’s work was ……this is because……




Peer Assessment Prompts

The peer assessment prompts assist children to write evaluative comments to their peers to provide quality written feedback.  The following prompts are usually written in green in our children’s books so that it is clearly identifiable and is not for mistaken for the purple pen of progress.

  • I like how you were able to….
  • You are confident when….
  • Your target for next lesson is…..
  • Next time you may wish to try….
  • My favourite part of your work is….
  • I like your use of….
  • You were able to ex0plain clearly how to….
  • You worked hard today and I know this because…..


Have the SAS and PAP sheets prominently displayed on your classroom wall or placed inside pupil books to refer to when the time arises. 

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