Positive Behaviour for Learning – a work in progress by St Peter’s Bournemouth


At Stress Free Teacher we believe in sharing good practise.  The following resource was Created by St Peter’s Bournemouth to improve Positive Behaviour Strategies sued in school.  The following is an excerpt from their website and a great visual guide for teachers to use in their classroom!

The following Diagram was produced to be used as a tool for improving positive behaviour management.  The aims were:


  • To highlight and encourage Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBfL)
  • To provide a criteria for promoting PBfL – that staff can reinforce, reference and reward through verbal and written feedback and also, once established, via Eportal.
  • To provide an accessible, appealing resource that will enhance students understanding of PBfL, and provide an opportunity for self assessment / reflection. This could be present in diaries with students shading towards the centre – the final line of our School Mission Statement.


The diagram below is a proposal to support our focus on Positive Behaviour for Learning. It has been developed from work by our BfL group led by EV, and also influenced by Thomas Tallis School’s Tallis Habits.


Find out more at http://st-peters.bournemouth.sch.uk/tlplus/2014/02/21/positive-behaviour-a-work-in-progress/





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