38 Reasons to LOVE teaching!

Today I celebrate my 38th year of existing on this planet and as I reflect upon the past 2-3 years I am grateful for the fact that I have survived the trials and tribulations associated with depression and anxiety and have lived to experience the wonderfully kind thoughts, gestures and cards that I have received today. 

I am extremely grateful that I have managed to overcome a situation which had a strangle hold on me for so long. I can now provide a platform for others to learn from mistakes and practises that have brought me back to life and renewed my sense of purpose and propelled me into a life of abundant mindfulness and gratitude.  For this reason I have decided to write 38 reasons why I love teaching!

  • 1 I love how every day is different
  • 2 I love the spontaneity every day can bring
  • 3 I love the challenges we face and overcome
  • 4 I love how brutally honest children can be
  • 5 I love how kind and generous children can be
  • 6 I love seeing a child’s face light up when they finally grasp a concept
  • 7 I love the banter in the staffroom when teachers share anecdotes from their classrooms
  • 8 I love seeing the progress demonstrated by groups of learners
  • 9 I love seeing children exploring new things for the first time
  • 10 I love seeing children take care of others when they are upset or hurt
  • 11 I love seeing a lesson plan that took a long time to organise work well in class
  • 12 I love laughing and joking with pupils
  • 13 I love learning from the children as much as they learn from me
  • 14 I love how an everyday object can become anything with imagination
  • 15 I love reading to children and helping develop their imaginations
  • 16 I love how children’s faces sparkle when they experience something amazing
  • 17 I love it when a child finds something difficult but can then explain it thoroughly
  • 18 I love watching children exceed at sports, music or dram
  • 19 I love helping children to develop their confidence in a range of areas
  • 20 I love how even when you’re down 30 bright and bubbly children are ready to greet you with a smile
  • 21 I love how amazingly talented children can be
  • 22 I love how resourceful pupils can be
  • 23 I love how I can help make a difference to a child’s life everyday
  • 24 I love how I can be a constant in a child’s life
  • 25 I love speaking to past pupils who are now making a success of their lives


  • 26 I love bumping into past pupils who comment on how good a teacher they thought you were
  • 27 I love how pupils remember you long after they have left your class
  • 28 I love how my classroom can become a hive of positivity
  • 29 I love how enriching an experience teaching can be
  • 30 I love how I feel when a new initiative works well
  • 31 I love seeing the results of hard work pay off
  • 32 I love hearing positive praise from parents during meetings
  • 33 I love how their is a world wide community willing to help and support each other
  • 34 I love how forthcoming colleagues are to share resources with the world
  • 35 I love how a Teacher in South Wales can help someone in America, Australia or Europe
  • 36 I love having a vocation that I can give my all to everyday
  • 37 I love having stories to tell about my life some funny, sad or exciting
  • 38 I love  doing a job that I was born to do!

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