#I am a teacher… by Stress Free Teacher


We all feel low from time to time.  We all need inspiration, encouragement and thought provoking advice from time to time.  We all are all human and need reassurance, comfort and support in order maintain our survival in a  world that can often appear bleak and uncompromising.  I have bombarded my own brain on occasions with self doubt, insecurities and thoughts of worthlessness.  I have questioned my reasons for existing; for my purpose in this world and for my reasons for teaching.

Often we can be made to feel that we are not enough.  That our best isn’t good enough! We can take on board the words of others a little too deeply and question who we are.  What is our purpose?  We can question how worthy our actions are.

We needn’t feel this way.  Opportunity lurks around every corner for those wishing to find it. Optimism and prosperity lay dormant inside you awaiting revival.  You need not be despondent – you are a teacher.  I am a teacher and it is for this reason I write this blog today.

  • I am the person who whispers in the ear of child “Yes you can!”
  • I am the person who helps a child succeed
  • I am the a happy and smiling face when a child needs reassurance
  • I am the person who comforts others when feeling low myself
  • I am a person who dedicates my time and energy to serving others
  • I am a magician
  • I am a mathematician
  • I am a philosopher and a guide
  • I am a storyteller
  • I am a Historian
  • I am a counsellor for parents when things go wrong
  • I am a signpost for others a beacon of hope
  • I am a writer
  • I am generous
  • I am kind
  • I am trustworthy
  • I am a friend who others can turn to
  • I am a colleague that can be depended upon
  • I am the person who writes a note for the tooth fairy when a child loses a tooth
  • I am a Rugby Coach
  • I am a football coach
  • I am a life coach
  • I am a voice of encouragement
  • I am a joker, I am a clown,
  • I am a crutch on which you can depend when you are down
  • I am the person who comforts children on residential trips
  • I am a first aider
  • I am the person who arrives at work early to set up for the day
  • I am a person who stays up late at night so children thrive the next day
  • I am a helpful critic
  • I am a motivational speaker
  • I am someone who pays attention to the needs of others
  • I am someone who listens to a voice needing to be heard
  • I am a scientist
  • I am a geographer
  • I am a beacon of hope inside the darkness
  • I am a poet
  • I am a songwriter
  • I am an IT technician
  • I am a Dad
  • I am a husband
  • I am part of a family
  • I am part of a community
  • I am an ambassador for achieving dreams and goals
  • I am the person who will give my time willingly for others
  • I am the voice of encouragement when things don’t go so well
  • I am the voice of reason
  • I am a peacemaker
  • I am a negotiator
  • I am a careers advisor
  • I am a the quiet break when children need to take time out
  • I am a healthy dietician
  • I am a caretaker of
  • I am a voice for drive and ambition
  • I am a tutor and an advisor
  • I am the person who says “Lets just try once more!”
  • I am the person that makes things possible from uncertainty
  • I am a person who children confide in when they are troubled
  • I am the person who picks up the pieces from a turbulent home
  • I am the phone call for help when families need support
  • I am the person who cheers on the side line
  • I am the person who beams with pride and celebrates little successes
  • I am an educator

I am a teacher!

It is my hope that this post will be shared with the education community and that it reaches someone who may be feeling low or questioning their worthiness as a teacher.

All of the above are roles we carry out on a daily basis. We should never be disheartened by the impact we have upon a child’s life.  We are teachers. We are enough! We are the giving our all for the profession and we should be proud!

To all the educators out there I present a call to action share this post and add to the list using the hashtag #Iamateacher

Until next time,

Stress Free Teacher


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