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Stress Free Teacher (SFT) has over 20,000 Followers on Social Media. This website is growing in popularity.  It was developed with  a shared understanding of what Teaching is like in a 21st Century School.  The demands are tough, the hours are long and the resources stretched to breaking point.  Teachers all over the World are battling with the same restrictions upon their time, resources and sustainability.  In 2015 the Education Support Partnership released shocking statistics which can be looked in greater detail here.  Teacher Stress and Work Related Stress are not uncommon in teaching.

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If you have found yourself with feelings of anxiety, stress or depression because of your job let me tell you that you are not alone.  That doesn’t mean that you should be able to pull your socks up and get on with things!  It means that at Stress Free Teacher there is a community of Teachers who can sympathise with you; have been through the same problems, worries and feelings and can help guide you and support you towards becoming stress free yourself.

The overall aim of this Website and Blog is to help those in need of support or encouragement; sign post people in the right direction for support and to provide a supportive and empathetic space to voice concerns, worries or problems.

Through the Twitter feed that can be found by following @stress_freeuk or by clicking here.  You will find not only motivational and inspirational quotes, but general wellbeing tips; teaching hacks and quality resource links.

Thanks for visiting the site. Please browse our pages and content.  If you like what you see please share with your friends and colleagues via Social Media.

“I have reviewed your website right across your social media spectrum and I find your site to be friendly, professional and informative and a site that every teacher, who is likely to be aware of a stressed teacher, would find beneficial in some way.

Teachers are leaving the profession these days, more so now after only a few years. What a waste of those talents and the disappointment when a child finds they have an exceptional teacher, who loves a subject they excel in or perhaps struggle in, but that teacher is gone from their lives.

I wish something like this had been available for me when I practiced as a social worker, when at University, I saw through placement within a school the pressures teachers faced and I found social work stressful, so to go to a site like this which is so on the side of the professional would have helped me so very much.

My advice here is simply if you are stressed or want to help someone who is, please check out “Stress Free Teacher” I am certain you will not be disappointed and I wish the founder continued success with this marvelous project.”

Stress Free Teacher 

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  1. Love the Twitter feed. It’s important that those of us preaching wellness in the world of education learn from and share with each other!
    My name is Michael LeBlanc and I am part of a teacher wellness program in Canada – NB School-Based Wellness Program. My two colleagues and I offer counseling and wellness to 6000 teachers in New Brunswick. Maybe some of your readers could benefit from our material as well. http://www.teacherwellness.ca , Twitter is @wellteacher235 Check us out!

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